Multidisciplinary design house.

We have always been merging elegance, purity and innovation to create exceptional value for our clients and guide them towards the future of mobility, architecture and product design.


In-Depth Research

Pininfarina's multidisciplinary expertise enables us to provide integrated solutions in various fields, from automotive to architecture, from smart products to retail. Pininfarina, in defining design, is based on in-depth research, innovative creative processes, and rigorous validation. An approach that ensures high standards of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation.

From the Idea to Execution

We help our clients succeed, bringing a unique range of competencies and capabilities.


User Research | Competitive Research | Trends Research | Conceptual Evaluation | Design Testing

Strategic Definition

Experience Definition | Product Definition | Brand Definition | Service Design | Portfolio & Product Strategy


Automotive Design | Automotive Engineering | Architecture | Industrial Design | Interaction Design | Creative Technology | Graphic Design | Pre-feasibility

Modeling & Prototyping

Low-fidelity Mock-ups | Mid-fidelity Model | High-fidelity Prototypes (Physical and Digital)