This new service is made possible by a meticulous cataloguing process of the Pininfarina historical archive, that includes production serial numbers for over 700,000 cars and more than 20,000 historically relevant documents, including sketches, shape plans, photographs, sheets, and technical correspondence.

The Program

Timeless Beauty, Now Certified.

Our new service stems from the initiative to make the Pininfarina historical archive available to car owners and collectors. The Pininfarina Classiche certification is a declaration related to the following production specifications:

  • Chassis Number

  • Market of Destination

  • Model and Type Code

  • Exterior Color

  • Interior Finishing

  • Car Mats

  • Date of exit from Pininfarina Facilities

  • Other available information (engine number, body number, soft top, etc.)

Available Now

Pininfarina Classiche for Classic Cars and Youngtimers

The Pininfarina Classiche certification encompasses classic cars and youngtimers designed and produced by Pininfarina. Legendary models from Fiat, Lancia, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo and few more Pininfarina cars are certified through the program.

How to certify your Pininfarina Classic Car


Send a Request

Send an e-mail to with the following information about the vehicle: model, chassis number and registration date (if known). If possible attach a photocopy of the car's registration documents.

Wait for Confirmation

Receive confirmation of the presence of the data for the issuance of the declaration in the Pininfarina historical archive (approximately within 2 working days).

Fill the Pininfarina Classiche Form

After data confirmation, Pininfarina will send a form to be filled out by the Customer. The form will also contain the necessary information for payment via bank transfer.

Receive the Pininfarina Classiche Declaration

Pininfarina will send the digital scan of the Declaration via email and send the original by courier within 5 working days after receiving the payment.
Price List for Pininfarina Classiche Declaration

The listed prices are applicable exclusively to the mentioned carmakers / models. Any inquiries regarding other brands will be assessed on an individual basis.

The price includes shipping costs for declarations sent within Italy.

For all shipments to destinations outside Italy, the price list will be supplemented with courier shipping fees*. The following cost ranges are provided as an indication:

Europe: €16 -18

North America: €16 - 18

South America: €20 - 22

Australia: €21 - 23

Asia: €20 – 22

Other geographical areas: evaluated case by case.

*the exact amount will be calculated prior to the shipment and included in the total price to be paid.