The sales experience doesn't just involve products; it encompasses all moments and touchpoints in the relationship between a brand and its audience. Each of these has its design component, both physical and digital, that Pininfarina can develop.


Innovative and immersive retail experiences

Leverage on Pininfarina interior design expertise to realize innovative and immersive retail experiences codified through digital and physical design, engaging the consumer through the five senses, and communicating the brand values. Realization of iconic flagship stores designed to extend the brand experience while increasing the reach, traffic, and sales. 

Great brands connect with audiences on an emotional level. In an increasingly saturated market, brands should create seamless user experiences and unified brand impressions that define, inspire, and engage consumers. Retail is no longer about products; it’s about the relationship between a brand and its audience. Retailers should harness the power of content and space in equal measure to create experiences that maximize engagement. The result needs to be seamless, no matter the medium – online, mobile, social, virtual, or physical. 

Our Approach

  • Understand
  • Discover
  • Ideate
  • Design
  • Define
  • Validate
  • Assistance to construction
  • Launch & Communication


Understand the relationship between a brand and its audience to identify the messages to communicate through design. Identify spatial and local constraints. 


Define user clusters creating personas and gaining customer insights. Define the customer journey mapping the touchpoints. Define the experience aspirations to design the engagement.


Identifying the Project Keywords through reference images and moodboards, define the experience and create contents based on customer’s pain points. Technical analysis to organize the customer journey through the management of different customer flows.


Once defined the customer journey the different teams involved in the project share different design proposal. Through cutting edge technologies our clients will experience all the physical and digital milestones of the journey.


Technical improvement of the project through a deep feasibility analysis, Cost engineering, project management, planning and scheduling, Definition of the final UX and design pattern of the digital interface.


Create a hi-fidelity digital prototype for testing the digital experience with all the stakeholders.

Assistance to construction

Art direction to ensure the proper implementation of the project.

Launch & Communication

Support and participation to the launch and press conference.