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Togg Sedan Concept - Pininfarina

Togg Sedan Concept

Pininfarina’s design for sustainable mobility.
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    Production cars
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    Turin, IT
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An entire mobility ecosystem to support a broad range of mobility solutions.
The project

An innovative approach to mobility

The interior design, the user experience has been elevated. TOGG Design Team and Pininfarina not only excel at exterior design, but also at interior design and passenger cabin experience. Actually, for the unveiling of its innovative approach to mobility, what TOGG is presenting is not just a vehicle but a whole set of products and services, an entire mobility ecosystem to support a broad range of mobility solutions which is called USECASE Mobility. Interiors show a steering wheel recreated with a sporty and elegant design, despite the car’s interior taking a similar approach to SUV design. There are four single seats with integrated seat belts in the interior, and the doors open like a book thanks to a design that eliminates the central pillar.

The car is a metallic gray with violet and indigo accents. The front seats are made of light-colored leather, while the back seats are made of dark-colored leather. On the other hand, the turquoise color preference on seat belts draws attention in order to emphasize not only the electrification but also the brand DNA.

The way

Being sustainable

Pininfarina had the opportunity to present its strong commitment into exterior, interior and UX design related to sustainable mobility through strategic partnerships such as the one with Turkey’s global mobility brand TOGG, which unveils its global brand and also reveals its transition concept smart device.

The smart device that was designed under the direction of TOGG Design Team led by Murat Gunak in collaboration with Pininfarina as a strategic partner, is a dynamic and innovative fastback that maintains TOGG’s DNA stylistic features.

The idea

A futuristic vision concept

The new projects developed in cooperation with different clients confirm Pininfarina’s strong commitment to designing cars and experiences for the green mobility. From futuristic vision concept cars and experiences to cars ready for series production Pininfarina offers a look at tomorrow’s mobility. The styling concept for the smart device is based on a line that runs from the top to the side of the vehicle, beginning with the muscular rear design and headlights which are already present in the upcoming model C-SUV 2023.