We work at the intersection of beauty and magic, style and interaction, proportions and movement, materials and technology. Methodology, creativity, and innovation converge in service of the customer.

  • Beauty
  • Magic
  • Impact
  • Future
  • Brand


We create beauty

We help our clients elevate their brand not only through the visual aesthetics of what the eye can see, but also through the delight of the entire experience one will have with them through all of our senses.


We build magic

Most of the products we design for our clients include content and functionality to interact with. We see these interactions as a space of opportunity, not only to make them as approachable and simple as possible, but turn them into sheer enchantment.


We make impact

We help our clients bring to life sustainable products that, from production to distribution and usage, will minimize their environmental footprint, maximize their accessibility and inclusivity, but also ensure a sustainable business for them.


We shape the future

We help our clients probe the future, identifying plausible scenarios & potential roles for themselves, and making these tangible and material enough to be used either for external marketing communication purposes or, internally, to inform strategy.


We are a brand

Our clients can leverage the power of our brand to support their marketing communications and/or boost their sales.

  • Definition
  • Design
  • Development


Experience Definition

Every project starts with a reasonable understanding of the direct and, possibly, the indirect users we are designing for, their needs, wants, contexts and journeys. Such an understanding is built by means of direct or indirect explorative research and is translated into user & journey modeling as an essential step to imagine and define the experience people will have with the products as users.


Design definition

Following the previous phase, the next step foresees testing such identified experiences through internal and external evaluations with the most relevant stakeholders. We then translate our understanding into tangible elements, such as renders, physical or digital mock-ups and virtual reality simulations, for a correct evaluation of designed concepts, the interaction and the overall experience.


Product & Experience refinement

Having improved the designs according to the requirements and insights identified in the previous phase, we finalize in detail the 3D files and all the needed materials up to the pre-feasibility of the products, the digital interfaces and the overall experience. High-fidelity prototypes (physical, digital, and/or through the use of VR/AR or Mixed Reality) could also be created for a final evaluation before moving to the industrialization phase.