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HUV Concept, the first premium hydrogen SUV, presented at Goodwood's Future Lab - Pininfarina
July 06, 2023

HUV Concept, the first premium hydrogen SUV, presented at Goodwood's Future Lab

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    July 06, 2023

NamX, in collaboration with Pininfarina, announces its participation in the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed, taking place from 13th to 16th July in the United Kingdom.

This renowned event, known as the world’s greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture, will serve as the backdrop for the presentation of the NamX HUV concept in the Future Lab. Designed by Pininfarina in collaboration with the DE LUSSAC design studio, the HUV represents a significant leap forward in hydrogen-powered mobility, offering a seamless and carbon-free experience.

As a new player in the automotive industry, NamX strives to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the market. The HUV concept represents a significant milestone in NamX’s vision to make green hydrogen accessible worldwide. Working hand in hand with Pininfarina, NamX has reimagined the traditional SUV design with modern curves and integrated hydrogen power. At the heart of the HUV concept lies an innovative removable tank system that partially fuels the vehicle with hydrogen capsules, marking a revolutionary milestone in clean and sustainable mobility. By leveraging this patented technology, NamX aims to change the paradigm of clean mobility. The HUV model features a series of six hydrogen capsules

in the rear of the car, providing an impressive range of 700 to 800 kilometers. These capsules can be recharged at hydrogen filling stations, delivered to the user, or conveniently obtained from CapXtores, ensuring hydrogen accessibility for all.

The Future Lab, returning for its sixth year, will serve as the platform for the NamX HUV concept’s showcase. This exhibition, located at the heart of the Festival of Speed, focuses on “Technology for a Better World.” Within this mission, the Future Lab presents four themes that highlight 24 pioneering international companies, laboratories, and innovators. NamX, in collaboration with Pininfarina, will be featured in the area named “Powering the Future”, that will present solutions to power the future efficiently, cleanly and at speed; from new fuels and propulsion methods to meet the world’s mobility requirements, to large-scale sustainable energy sources and powerful advances in computing to transform global industries.

“We are honored to be featured in the Future Lab as a technological solution for a better world. The HUV represents more than just a design; it embodies innovation at its core. Our dual ambition is to become a leading name in zero-emission vehicles and continuously explore new frontiers to enhance consumer mobility. NamX is a collaborative project that brings together the finest industrial and technical partners across Europe and Africa,” stated a NamX representative.