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March 21, 2023

Legendary design house Pininfarina involved in the design of Izera

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    March 21, 2023

ElectroMobility Poland (EMP) is collaborating with renowned design house Pininfarina, headquartered in Italy, on the design of a model range of the Polish electric car brand Izera. Those responsible for the car design on behalf of EMP are Tadeusz Jelec and Mariusz Bekas. The companies’ collaboration involves the comprehensive design of three models: an SUV, a hatchback and a station wagon car.

The collaboration between EMP and Pininfarina, which had been underway since November 2022, was announced during a meeting between both companies’ representatives and the media, organised at the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw on 21 March 2023. The announcement was accompanied by a design workshop and the planned launch of an internship programme in Turin for young designers, which EMP and Pininfarina want to introduce in the future. The coordination of Pininfarina’s design work on behalf of EMP is the responsibility of Tadeusz Jelec and Mariusz Bekas, both experienced designers with international expertise. The collaboration involves the design of the exterior, interior and HMI (Human Machine Interface) of a model range of 3 electric cars – an SUV, a hatchback and a station wagon. The cars are going to be built on the basis of the SEA platform. The technology partnership between Geely, the owner of the technology, and EMP was announced in November 2022.

“The opportunity to work with such an accomplished and experienced partner as Pininfarina, boasting unique competences is another milestone on the road to serial production of Izera. As a new brand, we have to focus on our advantages in a very competitive market, and the timeless and attractive design will be one of distinguishing features of Izera”, commented Łukasz Maliczenko, head of technical product development at EMP. “The collaboration of our experienced designers with the Pininfarina team is a guarantee that the Izera will be modelled to the highest industry standards. The cooperation of Izera with yet another reputable partner with an established position in the industry is also a clear signal to the market that the project is on the right track and is being implemented according to plan with the established expectations”, he added.

“We are excited about this long-term strategic partnership with an important stakeholder representing the Polish national industry. Working with a new-born highly professional team facilitates the creation of a successful route and it is consistent with an approach very familiar at Pininfarina with leading start-ups. We can proudly say that a perfect technical and human harmony between our teams was created right from the start” said Giuseppe Bonollo, SVP Sales & Marketing, Pininfarina.

“The collaboration with Pininfarina opens up opportunities that, as a new brand, we do not yet have. We are gaining access to the competences, personnel and facilities necessary to follow the work directions we have adopted for the styling of Izera. We set the direction and our partners will play a crucial role in developing it and reaching our goals”, said Tadeusz Jelec, chief designer of Izera. “The aim of our collaboration is to leverage the stylistic DNA we showcased during the public presentation of Izera prototypes in 2020, and update the brand’s unique stylistic language so that it accommodates the parameters of the platform on which our vehicles are going to be built and market trends. I am convinced that the combination of our vision and Pininfarina’s international experience and talents will bear fruit in the form of cars that will be enjoyed by European customers”, explained Tadeusz Jelec.

“It is an amazing challenge for our design team to work on creating a new family of vehicles for a new brand. The synchrony with EMP’s team is such that we have decided to expand the collaboration to an internship programme that will bring two deserving students to live for 3 months the unique experience of working in the most famous Italian style centre in the world”, said Marco Giumentaro, Creative Senior Manager.