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Pininfarina Architecture signs the interiors of The Italian Club Seafood Wine Bar in Hong Kong - Pininfarina
February 02, 2023

Pininfarina Architecture signs the interiors of The Italian Club Seafood Wine Bar in Hong Kong

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    February 02, 2023

Pininfarina Architecture signs the interior project of the new restaurant The Italian Club Seafood Wine Bar, opened in October in Hong Kong. The design of the spaces compliments Chef Stefano Balsamo’s high-level culinary experience, bringing Italian taste and style to the heart of the Soho district, one of the city’s most dynamic neighborhoods.

The design draws inspiration from the variety that characterizes the Mediterranean area, where different places come together in the same roots and where the action of the sea constantly changes the landscape. The color palette keeps this suggestion in mind, using oxidized copper as the main hue, juxtaposed with neutral tones of light grey, and petrol green for the wall coverings.

The perforated metal façade at the entrance, with its masked ‘see-through’ effect, gives the room an impression of intimacy. Leading to the dining room, the large fabric ceiling installation recalls the movement of waves, to make guests feel almost as if they were on the seashore. The armchairs and stools, with their harmonious and ergonomic shapes, have a metal frame with a brushed copper finish, as well as the Carrara marble tables and the decorative panels in the hall.

In the bathroom, the impression is of being ‘underwater’: the soft lighting and the hammered metal on the ceiling emphasize the idea of immersion. The oxidized metal panels feature graphics, applied with a copper film, inspired by the movement of underwater currents.

The Carrara marble countertop, the faucets and the metal accents – treated with a brushed copper finish – maintain the natural feeling of the restaurant’s design.

The Italian Seafood Wine Bar allows customers to immerse themselves in the Mediterranean experience, thanks to its biophilic design that connects the environment with nature, without sacrificing elegance and comfort.

The award-winning Hong Kong-based interior design studio Stefano Tordiglione Design was commissioned to supervise and manage the restaurant project.