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Pininfarina joins Roarington, the Classic Car metaland - Pininfarina
May 08, 2023

Pininfarina joins Roarington, the Classic Car metaland

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    May 08, 2023


May 8, 2023 - Pininfarina enters a new phase of the partnership with TCCT joining Roarington, the virtual ecosystem of Classic Cars. A new milestone for TCCT, following the creation of refined driving simulators able to make car passionate live a racing experience in the era of historic cars. Now, Pininfarina becomes part of Roarington to enhance the experience of the TCCT’s simulators leveraging on the new digital technologies.

Roarington is a digital platform that brings the real Classic Cars world into a virtual space, enabling new experiences and new business models. It is conceived as a digital overlay of the real world and it wants to give automobiles from the last century a future in the new millennium. TCCT through the creation of Roarington wants to connect collectors, aficionados, interested parties and business in a community of like-minded, passionate people. The creation of the Classic Car Metaland comes with a development plan, which includes an eRacing Experience centre, an exhibition district, a Roarington Avenue, a marketplace, collector hills, a media house, a clubhouse and a Roarington house. Finally, TCCT through the implementation a Classic Car Metaland wants to promote old cars with young people, making them more accessible, in terms of driving experience.

“We are enhancing the real-life world with new technological opportunities and create great new lifestyle experiences with classic cars that are also accessible to a younger generation,” says Fritz Kaiser, Founder of TCCT.

Since 2019, Pininfarina has collaborated with TCCT, first on the creation of a Classic Car Simulators, Sportiva and Leggenda, and now with the development of Roarington. A long-lasting collaboration made possible thanks to Pininfarina’s multidisciplinary expertise, which always aims to innovate. Pininfarina is present in Roarington with a showroom displaying two of its most legendary cars, the 1970 Modulo and the Cisitalia 202 that inspired the design of the “Sportiva” simulator. The Modulo is recognised as one of the most ionic concept car in automotive history with innovative and futuristic shapes. Since its first appearance, the design of Modulo has gained 22 international design awards and it has been described as a “search for pure form in its deliberate geometricity”. Both cars were scanned to achieve perfect fidelity to the real car, effectively creating a digital twin.