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Pininfarina of America celebrates a decade of creativity and innovation in design - Pininfarina
December 12, 2023

Pininfarina of America celebrates a decade of creativity and innovation in design

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    December 12, 2023

Pininfarina of America celebrates a decade of creativity and innovation in design

  • The legendary Italian Design House, celebrates 10 years of creative excellence in the US, Canada and South America, hosting a celebration event at The Concours Club in Miami.

  • Company’s 360° creative services include major architectural projects, industrial and product design, nautical, transportation, UX and UI, and much more.

  • Client satisfaction is reflected in consistent growth of Pininfarina of America’s business -double-digit growth for five consecutive years.

  • Global CEO of Pininfarina, Silvio Angori, has travelled to Miami to mark the event.


Pininfarina, the iconic symbol of Italian style for over 90 years, is proud to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its American subsidiary, Pininfarina of America at a special event held at the prestigious Concours Club in Miami.

Pininfarina of America exemplifies its Italian brand’s timeless philosophy, while constantly innovating its creative offerings to clients in the entire American continent. In the past decade, Pininfarina of America has partnered with major brands Coca-Cola, GE, Lenovo*, The Related Group, Cisco, and 200 others, designing top-line products, architectural projects and groundbreaking design ideas that have received major award recognitions, such as, the International Architecture Award, Fast Company and Red Dot Design Awards.

Pininfarina’s transformative journey from its Italian automotive and engineering roots to a versatile global design powerhouse allows the company to provide highly flexible, creative expertise across a range of disciplines, industries and client groupings. Headquartered in Miami with a satellite office in New York City, and with clients across north and south America, Pininfarina of America’s multi-faceted client offering includes architecture, industrial design, product design, nautical, transportation, UX and UI, and more.

Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori said: “We are hugely proud of the success of Pininfarina of America. Its journey over the past decade has been marked by creativity, collaboration, a relentless focus on client satisfaction and the pursuit of design excellence. Our Chairman Paolo Pininfarina believes, as we all do, that ‘design is the tool to humanize technology’. With 93 years of history underpinning our vision, we continue to evolve, blending heritage with contemporary and futuristic creativity to help our valued clients create a future that celebrates our great core philosophy, and benefits all humanity.”

Pininfarina of America’s rapid growth has been fueled by the loyalty of its clients, with nearly two-thirds becoming recurring customers. This focus on client satisfaction has led to consistent growth in Pininfarina of America’s business, which has seen double-digit increases for five consecutive years.

Within its architectural practice, Pininfarina has successfully capitalized on the increasing trend for branded residences, and, according to research conducted by Savills, Pininfarina is now the world’s leading Italian design brand in the field of nonhotelier branded residences. A remarkable 95% of the projects in the ranking have been designed and led by Pininfarina of America’s studios in Miami and New York.

Pininfarina of America is dedicated to sustainability and actively contributes to its local communities and industries through a range of ESG initiatives. Notable projects such as dune restoration on Miami’s shores and volunteer programs across Miami and New York City highlight the brand’s commitment to making positive contributions to our planet’s environment and giving back to the community. Pininfarina of America is also focused on the well-being of its employees and has received the prestigious Great Place to Work® certification for the past three consecutive years.

Pininfarina of America’s General Manager Claudio Da Soller remarks: “Pininfarina of America has harnessed our exceptional expertise and brand history in Italy to embark on an exciting journey here in the Americas. Our adaptability to the American market and unwavering commitment to delivering innovative design and creative solutions have made us a trusted partner across many industries. We stand at the intersection of heritage and innovation, driven by our passion to set new standards and push boundaries in the world of design.”

Note to Editors:

Pininfarina of America has marked the 10th Anniversary of its establishment with a special event held on December 8th, during the weekend of Art Basel, at the Concours Club – an exclusive members-only automotive country club minutes from the heart of Miami. Significantly, the Club’s Events Center, set to open early in 2024 has been designed by Pininfarina.

In addition to showcasing its innovative design collaborations, through images and activations during the event, many iconic cars designed by the brand, including the all-electric Automobili Pininfarina Battista and the new addition Barchetta B95, will be on display during the occasion. Partners of the event include Andare Residences, The Barn Miami®, Curated, Dieci, Florense, NX Boats, Reflex, and Roux Helmets.