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Polestones 01 - Pininfarina
August 30, 2023

Polestones 01

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    August 30, 2023

Polestones 01 officially launched as the first 6-seat recreational SUV with airline seats and outdoor kitchen

Chinese electric vehicle startup Polestones Automobile, owned by Rox Motor, officially released Polestones 01, mid-size intelligent luxury SUV for families who love long-distance trips in total comfort. Pioneering a remarkable list of innovations, the hybrid Polestones 01 sets itself apart as the first 6-seat “recreational” SUV furnished with airline-style seats and an ingenious outdoor kitchen.

As for the range-extending power generation system, the Polestones 01 adopts a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender, delivering an impressive 235 kilometers of pure electric cruising range, and a comprehensive range of fuel and electricity spanning an astounding 1,115 kilometers. The vehicle’s interior and exterior design have been masterfully crafted by the Pininfarina Shanghai Team, who were involved from the initial creative phase right through to industrialization.

Matteo Piguzzi, Vice President Design at Pininfarina Shanghai, explained the design philosophy, noting, “Oriental aesthetics advocate less is more. We harnessed the Chinese character ‘SHI’ throughout the design of the Polestones 01. ‘SHI’ is derived from Chinese classics: Library Theory and Practice. It is embodied in the smart and dynamic headlight design, the three-dimensional and gentle taillights, and the square and stately air- intake grille. The vehicle’s straight horizontal waistline exudes sharpness, while the robust wheel arches and oversized wheels accentuate its outdoor prowess, giving it a rugged personality. The tough, protective exterior shell symbolizes responsibility, concealing a fiery passion beneath the sharp lines. The end result is a robust off-road SUV that aligns seamlessly with the current SUV trends.”

The SUV for the next generation of freedom-seeking road families is available in two configurations: a versatile 7-seater version and a premium 6-seater version adorned with ultra-luxurious airline seats in the second row. Among its standout features is an industry-first rear-end restaurant system integrated into the rear door. Unfolding this innovative feature reveals a compact kitchen workspace complete with

a water dispenser and an exclusive induction cooker, which can be powered through a 220V external discharge interface. The kitchen also offers ample storage for a comprehensive set of outdoor dining utensils.

The Polestones 01 further offers an original 270° car canopy that passengers can assemble and stow away in only five minutes, transforming the vehicle into an open-air dining space and a cozy outdoor retreat under nature’s canopy. In the unique layout of the 7-seater Polestones 01 edition, you can even enjoy a restful night’s sleep while on the move by folding down the second and third rows of seats to create a spacious 2m x 1.5m king-size bed. The third row of the 7-seater can comfortably accommodate three adults, even those towering at 1.8 meters in height.

Stepping inside, you will encounter a T-shaped, leather-wrapped dashboard equipped with an LCD dual screen and concealed electric air vents. Generous dimensions, with a length of 5,050mm, a width of 1,980mm, a height of 1,869mm, and a wheelbase of 3,010mm, ensure a spacious and comfortable cabin. The front seats are equipped with ventilation, heating, and massage functions, while the second-row independent seats come standard with heating and massage features.

In terms of cabin air quality, the Polestones 01 includes a comprehensive integrated air purification system and an air conditioning function that releases negative ions. Ambient lighting adds to the luxurious atmosphere with an impressive 256-color spectrum. The Polestones 01 Intelligent Interaction system supports seamless connectivity across multiple high-definition screens. To cater to families, the ceiling screen is thoughtfully equipped with a child lock function to protect young passengers’ eyesight. Additionally, the Polestones 01 comes standard with a 9-inch streaming media rearview mirror, enhancing both safety and convenience during travel.