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The ancestor of the selfie gets a makeover: Icona is born - Pininfarina
November 09, 2023

The ancestor of the selfie gets a makeover: Icona is born

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    November 09, 2023

Dedem and Pininfarina present the new photo booth cabin in a national premiere.

What does an icon look like? Dedem and Pininfarina present in a national premiere the new photo booth cabin, Icona. The “magic box”, which – as a predecessor of the selfie - has been capturing the faces of all Italians, tells the evolution of customs and society and is an integral part of our urban geography. It is changing its shapes and entrusting its design to Pininfarina, celebrating synergy that honours the made in Italy.

With 3600 machines distributed across the entire Italian territory and over 10 million passport photos printed each year, the Dedem Spa Group – which installed the first Italian passport photo booth back in 1962 – has chosen Pininfarina to shape the new booth. Contemporary and timeless lines retain the tradition of an already iconic object and bring it into the future, always in balance between tradition and progress.

Pininfarina has defined a unique and functional style for the new Dedem booths, focusing on three main aspects: a simple and immediate user experience, adaptability to different urban contexts, and accessibility. The exterior design results from the interaction of three volumes, giving a sense of dynamism and lightness to the structure while allowing for customization and harmonious integration in booth interior and outdoor spaces. The interior features various elements that enhance the user experience, such as the full-wall mirror that creates a sense of speciousness and comfort. The foldable seat makes the booth accessible and inclusive. Lastly, the user interface has been completely redesigned and digitalized to be more intuitive and user-friendly.

“Dedem’s story is a small yet significant Italian tale of identity, determination, and excellence. From black and white to colour, from analogic to digital, from the early days of technology to the advent of computers” says Alberto Rizzi, CEO of the Group. “Dedem and its booths have always known how to reinvent themselves to keep pace with new technologies and changing citizen needs. With each installation, we have grown year after year, while steadfastly upholding the values of “Made in Italy” and a company built on its people and their know-how. Now, on the verge of going public, we celebrate the many milestones of the Group by giving a renewed identity to our booth, the object that represents us more than any other. We would not have done it without entrusting it to a company like Pininfarina, a shining example of Italian design and a flag bearer for Made in Italy worldwide”.

“Pininfarina has brought to life many icons that have made their mark in automotive history and beyond. With Icona, Pininfarina has worked on the stylistic redefinition of a symbolic object such as the passport photo booth, as well as its functionality and use experience. Today, we are proud to put our signature on the design of a new icon that will be used by many Italians”, says Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina.

Starting from the beginning of 2024, out of the 150 new passport photo booths produced each year, 70 will be the new Pininfarina model and will be installed in Italy’s most exclusive shopping centres.