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Aptera - Pininfarina


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Aptera is a solar electric vehicle manufacturer, which validated the aerodynamic shape of its innovative vehicle at Pininfarina’s Wind Tunnel. At the forefront of ultra-efficient transportation, Aptera has designed the most aerodynamic vehicle possible – with three wheels, outboard in-wheel motors, and a striking teardrop shape. Pininfarina, with its rich heritage and exceptional aerodynamic prowess, will be working closely with Aptera to validate the unique shape of its cutting—edge solar electric vehicles.  

Through the validation phase, Aptera has refined and validated the aerodynamic properties of its vehicle platform, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. At the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel, Aptera completed correlation testing that corroborated its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) work and offered insights on the vehicle’s shape, which has the lowest coefficient of drag of any production passenger vehicle.  

By Integrating Pininfarina’s aerodynamic insights, Aptera is on the path to meet its ambitious targets, ultimately making history and providing consumers with the most efficient vehicle on the planet that requires no charging for most daily use.