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Dieci - More than just a residence, a choice of life - Pininfarina

Dieci - More than just a residence, a choice of life

A pioneering residential project in Panama
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Dieci - More than just a residence, a choice of life
The Project

A pioneering residential project in Panama

“Dieci”, its latest branded residential development and a first-of-its-kind venture into Panama’s thriving real estate market. Nestled in the bustling, cosmopolitan district of Costa del Este, Dieci embodies a seamless blend of high-end residential living with the vibrant pulse of city life, offering an exclusive sanctuary among the urban rush. At the heart of Dieci’s allure is its exceptional amenities program, seamlessly blending hospitality with residential comfort to create an unparalleled living experience. The building boasts a suite of first-class comforts, each meticulously designed to cater to the finest tastes and highest standards of living. Residents at Dieci can enjoy a diverse array of upscale amenities, including rejuvenating workouts in the modern gym, relaxation in the luxurious spa, social gatherings on the sophisticated outdoor deck, and leisurely moments by the rooftop pool with its stunning views.

The Way

Pure elegance

The architectural elegance of Dieci is instantly evident in its façade, which presents a captivating array of dynamic three-dimensional patterns and forms. A design feature that not only strikes with its visual appeal but also thoughtfully ensures privacy for its residents. A prominent feature of Dieci is its elegantly covered piazza, which harmoniously connects the twin towers at street level. This area, acting as a dynamic interface between the building’s base and the public space, showcases Pininfarina’s dedication to creating environments that promote community engagement and social interaction. Internally, Dieci reflects Panama’s diverse natural landscape, with a palette of materials and colors that mirror the country’s rich ecological diversity. This approach underlines a comprehensive perspective on living spaces, aiming to create an extraordinary living experience that goes beyond aesthetics to embrace total well-being.

The Idea

Panama’s diverse ecosystems the heartbeat of Dieci’s design

Pininfarina’s vision of Dieci was to create a living space that captivates with its striking beauty while also enhancing the daily experience of its inhabitants. In every aspect of this project, Pininfarina meticulously infused the vibrancy of Panama’s diverse ecosystems, making it the heartbeat of Dieci’s design. Pininfarina, in designing Dieci, has succeeded in creating environments that promote interaction with the community hosting the building and social interaction.