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Iconic Padel Court - Pininfarina

Iconic Padel Court

The first padel court designed by Pininfarina.
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    Infrastructure & Transport
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    Cambiano, IT
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Designed for the most demanding and refined padel players focusing on lifestyle and social sharing.
The project

Innovation and technology

Iconic presents ICONIC PADEL COURT, the first padel court designed by Pininfarina that integrates innovative materials and finishes and the most advanced technologies for the sector into its design. Iconic Padel Court is a new milestone of Pininfarina in sports design, a court designed for the most demanding and refined padel players that includes elements of customization, modular functionality and cutting-edge technology.

The way

Respecting the environment

The Iconic court respects the environment and focuses on lifestyle and social sharing. The whole court is designed respecting nature with the latest generation sustainable materials and innovative solutions. The net posts, for example, are designed almost as separate technological objects, they represent real access hubs to the court that through their integrated touch displays allow the management of some parameters such as court lighting or glass defrosting, thus adapting energy consumption according to the environmental conditions, but always with a view to ensuring the best possible gaming experience. The post also includes pressurization system of the game balls that greatly increases the reuse of these, hence drastically reducing the consequent pollution. Through a voice assistant, always included in the post, players will be able to interact with the court and adapt all the desired parameters in real time.

The idea

Design and Innovation

Iconic Padel Court integrates technology, lifestyle and sport. The court, which can be installed anywhere in the world, includes sustainable materials and social elements to optimize the player’s experience and performance. The court, designed in compliance with the Standards of the International Federation of Padel, according to the needs of the customer can be both self-supporting and fixed to the ground and is able to integrate different technological systems within it.