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ICONIC Tower - Pininfarina


ICONIC Tower a ultra-luxurious experience
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ICONIC Tower Design by Pininfarina
The Project

Redefining Luxery

The ICONIC Tower will represent a fusion of Mered’s innovative approach to real estate and Pininfarina’s legendary design ethos. Situated in Dubai Internet City, the ultra-luxurious development aims to redefine Dubai’s living standards, offering 311 exclusive apartments equipped with world-class amenities including spas, infinity pools, and retail outlets. Together, Mered and Pininfarina will harmoniously merge technology and beauty to create a breathtaking tower that will positively impact the growing cosmopolitan hub of Dubai.

The Way

Wellbeing at the core

The new tower was conceived to include innovative design elements to enhance the overall experience of its residents and to create a sense of community. The structure of the tower stands out for its perceived movement. The residential floors are organized into three blocks split by three distinctive floors, thus breaking the monotony and making the structure more dynamic and improving the general visual appeal. It reflects the energetic soul of Dubai and its evolving landscape. The attention to the resident’s wellness led to the creation an intermediate floor that includes an oasis, a space for relaxation and leisure. At the top of the tower, the penthouse allows residents to completely take in Dubai’s skyline. These characterizing elements make the tower innovative in terms of living experience, by providing spaces that create a harmony between urban life and the desire to be immersed in nature.