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Oksys - Pininfarina


Oksýs is Pininfarina's first collectible design project, presented during the Milan Design Week at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery
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Pininfarina's First Collectible Design Project
The Project

An Oxymoronic Object

Oksýs is an oxymoronic object: it is the representation of how, in Pininfarina's vision, artificial and natural, man and nature, are not opposing elements but, rather, complementary and part of the same logic. The chaise longue, produced in Pininfarina's in-house workshops in Cambiano (Turin), is the result of a single aluminium casting and features the contrast between two textures and two shapes.

The upper part of the seat has a smooth surface, with fluid, accommodating and refined lines that recall the most typical forms of car design by Pininfarina. In contrast, the lower part recalls rock, a natural element par excellence: it is coarse, rough and powerful. The two elements meet and become part of a whole in a balance that finds its centre in the synchrony of forms. This object is dynamic and static at the same time, as solid as it is unstable, attracting and warding off.

The Way

A "Collectible Approach"

The 'collectible' approach is closely linked to Pininfarina's history, right from its very beginnings. When Battista Farina founded the company in 1930, his mission was to create luxury and grand luxury cars that were collectible pieces, designed and built to fulfil the dreams of the future users. The first Pininfarina cars were objects of high craftsmanship and possessed unique characteristics, just like haute couture dresses. Today, much the same as 95 years ago, Pininfarina combines creativity and great craftsmanship to build unique pieces that combine art and industry.

The Idea

The first Collectible Design Project

Oksýs is Pininfarina's first collectible design project, presented during the Milan Design Week at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery. The product of a creative collaboration between the architecture and product design divisions, the Oksýs chaise longue encapsulates all the company's values, which have been synonymous with Made in Italy design and innovation for over 90 years, as well as its vision of the future.

Oksýs was designed by Marco Becucci of Pininfarina's architecture team. His design was selected by a commission consisting of gallery owner Rossana Orlandi, designer and entrepreneur Giulio Cappellini and Pininfarina Chairman Paolo Pininfarina. The Architecture and Product Design team is led by Giovanni de Niederhäusern.

Oksýs will be made in just three pieces, available exclusively at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery.