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Unica - Pininfarina


A Redefined Urban Living
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    Puerto Madero
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The Project

A Groundbreaking Residential Project

“Unica" is a groundbreaking residential project that redefines urban living in the heart of Buenos Aires’ prestigious Puerto Madero district, one of the largest waterfront transformation projects in Latin America. This architectural marvel, that will be built by the developer Vizora, seamlessly merges historical elegance with contemporary innovation, marking a new chapter in the city’s architectural evolution.

Unica design by Pininfarina captures the essence of Puerto Madero's transformation — from a forgotten part of the city to a vibrant, dynamic district that is at the forefront of Buenos Aires’ evolution. It is a physical manifestation of the area’s renaissance, offering a living space that is as forward-thinking as the urban regeneration project it complements.

The Way

The Essene of Biophilic Design

A key aspect of Unica’s design is its integration with the natural elements, particularly water, embodying the essence of biophilic design. The building’s facades and fences feature water-inspired patterns that evoke the nearby Rio de la Plata, creating a sense of continuity with the environment and paying homage to the city’s geographical context. This approach not only creates a visual connection with the surrounding natural landscape but also honor the city’s position by the river. Unica’s interior is a celebration of elegance and refined taste, showcasing an exquisite palette of natural materials like dark walnut, white marble, and green marble. These materials are not only selected for their premium quality but also for their ability to engage the senses and create a multisensory experience. The rich textures and colors of the wood and marble evoke a sense of warmth and elegance, appealing to the touch and sight. This sensory-rich ambiance offers residents an unmatched living experience, where every detail contributes to a deep sense of comfort, well-being, and connection to the natural world.

The Idea

A Tribute to Buenos Aires

Unica is a tribute to Buenos Aires’ architectural narrative, with Pininfarina drawing inspiration from the city’s historical urban landscape. The tower’s design, with its sweeping cornices and vast glass exteriors, presents a contemporary reimagining of classic architectural motifs. These elements are crafted not merely for their visual impact but with a keen emphasis on promoting the wellbeing of its residents. The architecture facilitates a harmonious flow of natural light, illuminating the interior spaces and fostering a vibrant, healthful environment. Furthermore, the expansive windows open up to unparalleled vistas, offering residents a serene backdrop to their daily lives.